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The following tourist attractions in Malaysia are known throughout the world. If you are keen to learn more about these destinations, then listen to what travellers have to say about their experiences.

The Petronas Twin Towers – Paul Cliff

The Petronas Twin Towers – Paul Cliff - Tourism Reviews

“I made my way up to the 83rd floor and visited a marvellous little gift shop. There is a beautifully designed observatory deck here. I still remember looking out the window and seeing the beautiful city, with the sunset on the horizon. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit the Petronas Towers.”

Snorkelling at the Perhentian Islands – Stacy Crawford

“This was my first time snorkelling in Southeast Asia, and I have to say it was a most memorable experience. The water around the Perhentian Islands is so clear, and I could see starfish by looking into the water from the boat. The boat tours are simply fabulous!”

Visiting LEGOLAND in Malaysia – Mike Fitch

“I played LEGO growing up, and being here took me back to those days as a youngster. I took the whole family, and there were a lot of entertaining activities for everyone to participate in. I couldn’t help myself, so I built some LEGO cars with the family.”

The Peak of Mount Kinabalu – Richard Parker

“I have had many climbs and hikes in my day, and this was definitely one of the most memorable ones. Glad I took some extra water and snacks up the mountain. The mountain peak is hard to reach, and I would only recommend experienced climbers to take the trip. On a clear day, the views from the top are breathtaking.”

Touring The Batu Caves – John Stevens

“Paying a visit to the Batu Caves led me to experience the Hindu temples first-hand. The caretakers of the temple are so friendly, and the limestone caves are awe-inspiring. So glad I could check this one off my itinerary.”

People touring through Malaysia won’t have a shortage of things to do, from experiencing the bustling city life to touring the wonders of the natural environment. Unlock a treasure trove of adventures like these travellers did. Contact Truly Malaysia to find out more!